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Want to succeed in the MLM industry

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Want to improve your financial situation

The platform has gathered the best conditions for private investors
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Dream of telling the world about what you can do

Atyou will have creative freedom and will be able to unleash your potential.
This is a place where your individuality will be respected
and your intention to change the world for the better will be supported.

Are looking for new useful acquaintances and contacts

Antares — is a meeting place for countries and generations, principles and intentions, allies and partners.
, More than 5000 entrepreneurs from all over the world have already joined us
and are ready to share their experience and expertise.

About us

Antares — is a platform that promotes investment and multi-level marketing companies,
digital products and startups in the market using a referral system model.

You choose one or more investment affiliate programs to invest in, and partner companies of will generate
profit for you with a minimum risk of losses.


Why us?

Infinite possibilities
Careful selection of partner companies
Keep your structure
Additional protection of investment funds

Active investment offers

The Synergy Group of companies began operating on May 4, 2020, making the programs available for its residents. Synergy International Group Limited, registered in New Zealand on March 4, 2020, is its parent entity.
Synergy implements special programs that are substantially investment products linked to a specific product or service. These include Synergy Auto car program allowing buying a car with a discount of up to 70%.

Investment offer

About the program

The Synergy Profit Team Program is Antares's marketing strategy for the promotion of the Synergy Group of Companies.
This program uses multi-level marketing, based on a linear compensation marketing plan.

25-60% Down payment
60-180 days Program duration
Available programs Synergy Auto
100% protection of the invested funds By the method of insurance deposit in partnership with Largo Insurance

About Synergy

began operations making the programs available for its residents. Synergy International Group Limited, registered in New Zealand on March 4, 2020

1 Line
2 Line
3 Line
4 Line
5 Line
6 Line
7 Line
8 Line
9 Line
10 Line

Bonus program
Linear bonus

is a linear marketing plan
with up to 10 levels in depth. At the initial stage,
you can receive affiliate bonuses from the structure from the first line only, in the amount of
contributed by a partnerof the sum contributed to participate in the programs in the amount of

*Over time, new levels of the affiliate structure will become available for you to receive affiliate bonuses (up to level 10). Interest rates will also increase.

Active investment offers

Binar Profit Team program for the promotion of Catalyst

Investment offer

About the program

This program uses a referral system model based on a binary marketing plan.
Investment returns are accrued daily.
The principal amount of the deposit is not refunded at the end of the investment period.

1.02% Average daily return
200 days Maturity of an investment package
$100 - $100 000 Available investment packages
0.02 to 0.25% Premium on investment returns
depending on the size of the investment package

About the company

has been in asset management for 25 years.
leading traders working in the most promising market segments receive high-interest returns on a daily basis with minimum risk of losses.

Antares in Mexico

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Antares products

Coin Capitalization

Best cryptocurrency management
tools in one application
Monitor cryptocurrency rates Browse coins and information on their capitalization,
prices and trading volumes
Detailed coin information Detailed coin description with a tailored chart. Overview of trading pairs on exchanges and news
Compare cryptocurrencies Compare up to 5 cryptocurrencies on a chart over time
intervals in USD, BTC or ETH
Block Explorer Explore BTC blocks, transactions and addresses in real-time.
Mempool View the mempool's workload, fees and transaction amounts at the current moment and over time intervals
Portfolio Create a unique cryptocurrency portfolio with the ability to track its value over time intervals
Exchanges Browse exchanges participating in the site's coin rating with tailored trading volume charts and lists of traded currency pairs
Multilanguage support The service is available in several language versions and the list of available languages is constantly updated
Notifications Notifications about current coin value and portfolio value with customizable settings
Mobile apps Mobile apps available for iOS and Android

Antares CEO

Alex Richter

Founder of Antares Limited

received a degree in IT at the Autonomous University of Veracruz Villa Rica

Work experience:
  • network companies: Amway (3 years): 3,000+ people; Omnilife (2 years): 1,500+ people;
  • financial director responsible for managing assets of over $500 million (4 years);
  • financial adviser at Accenture (6 years): handled startups and MLM companies;
  • private financial planning adviser
  • development of blockchain projects (5 years)

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