June 24, 2020
Antares Affiliate Programs, an Animated Short

Dear partners! We appreciate your work. Thanks to our joint efforts, we achieve our goals and help you achieve yours. So, we decided to create a short video that you can show to your potential partners to explain how the platform works.

A bit of foreword:
Giovanni and his friend were ordinary working men who got tired of collecting coins every day. One day, they stumbled upon Antares Castle and met its founder, Alex Richter. The friends decided to buy investment packages from him, and from that moment, their lives changed forever. Giovanni began to take an active part in the company rewards program. Thanks to the friends he invited, he was able to earn a lot of AND, while his friend, receiving only passive income, only doubled his capital over the same period. However, if you want to, like Giovanni's friend, you can always start building your business with Antares, and significantly boost your income.

Watch the video, share it with potential partners, and help each other make money with Antares!