March 4, 2020
Antares is your right choice!
Pre-registration on the Antares platform was completed on 4.03.2020 at 21:00 server time. Congratulations to everyone who took the opportunity to take a place in the largest MLM distribution company within 48 hours. We are confident that together we can achieve prosperity in business. We wish you success and fruitful cooperation.

At this stage, independent business partners of Antares (IBPA) have access to the Binar profit team investment program and the Interchange partner product, which allows them to track profitable rates and exchange currencies for the internal currency of Antares (AND) in real time. The Binar profit team investment program is a promotion of Catalyst with a staff of 100 leading traders who trade in the most promising market segments.

We also inform you that the registration of new users on the Antares platform is carried out only through the inviters (mentors). If you want to join the international dynamic community of independent entrepreneurs, you should find a person who is a partner of Antares and ask them to register you.