August 24, 2020
Bank deposit vs Antares investment
The everchanging world and continuously increasing pace or life create new challenges for us and make us rethink the ordinary. In the era of informational technologies the mere process of making money has changed. This is why we have designed and developed Antares - a cutting-edge platform that allows its every partner to have an everyday source of income. Below we will break down the benefits of Antares compared to the traditional bank deposit mechanics.

1. Transparent structure

Granting access to detailed information regarding the status of investments to partners is one of the principles of Antares that distinguishes the platform from the system of bank deposits. Log into your Antares account to see how your investments are performing in trusted companies that have successfully passed a rigorous audit process according to 138 criteria in real time.

2️. Choose where to invest

Choose an appropriate investment partnership program for your investment. In addition, you can keep unused funds on an analogue of a savings account called Money Box, receiving 6-9% per month in addition to income, which is significantly higher than the average interest rate on bank deposits.

3️. Flexible personal approach

Antares provides its partners with a choice of a comfortable format of earnings depending on their needs and resources, which doesn’t usually happen when it comes to dealing with banking structures. Thus, it’s possible to choose independently: to invest and receive stable passive income or to actively manage their own investments.

4. Investment income comes faster

Gain real profits in no time. For example, Antares investments under the Binar Profit Team program begin to generate income up to 2% within a day after the purchase of an investment package, which is an unattainable high result in the case of bank deposits.

5. Antares partners receive awards based on their performance

The size of the premiums directly depends on the performance - the higher the level of activity and involvement of the investor, the greater the premium. There are no limits.

Getting $ 80,000 per month or more? This is real for Antares partners and unrealistic in any banking system. Register on the official website, become a partner and reach the level of earnings you have always dreamed of.