September 7, 2020
Car Branding Program: Where to Start
Dear partners, have you already branded your car and receive up to 156 AND monthly? If not, then hurry up to follow these steps and turn your personal vehicle into an asset:

1. Purchase a package worth not less than 1,000 AND in the Line Profit Team or Binar Profit Team.

2. Select Car Branding Program in the personal account menu and apply for participation in the program, confirming your Telegram account and filling in the car data. Wait for the approval of the application no more than 3 days and receive information on the assignment of a class to the car.

3️. Wrap the car body with Antares-styled vinyl, downloaded from the official website, and save the receipts.

4. Send a video message to @AntaresCarBranding on Telegram, where you can clearly see the condition of the car with stickers in the Antares style applied on both sides. Send photos of receipts for the funds spent on wrapping and do not forget to show the final mileage of the car in the video. The Car Branding Program will be activated upon the approval of this message.

5️. Receive money according to the class of your car and the mileage traveled after the approval of the video message. Also, within 3 months, you will be reimbursed for all costs incurred when wrapping the car.

Please note that partners living in an agglomeration with a population of over 50,000 people and owning a car or a minibus, which is not a public transport, worth at least $7,000, are eligible to take part in the program. Also, do not forget to send a video message from point №4 every time after the expiration of the calendar month cycle.

We remind you that you can choose several branding options in accordance with your taste preferences. You can view the examples on the platform's official website in the "Partnership with Antares" section, "Car Branding Program". Antares. The whole world invests with us.

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