May 2, 2020
Catalyst Monthly Report

Monthly Report on the Work of Catalyst Traders with Antares Platform Clients’ Portfolio, April 2020

In April, the cryptocurrency market saw a recovery in prices after the March fall. The growth was corrective, but buyers managed to develop it into a full-fledged uptrend. This is due to the expectation of a “halving” of bitcoin in the first half of May, as well as to macroeconomic trends in the global economy and the increasing role of a protective asset in bitcoin.

The price of bitcoin showed an increase from $ 6400 to a maximum of $ 9400, which at the end of the month amounted to about 36%. We saw a similar picture in other crypto assets, for example, in ethereum. Its price increased by 59%, from $ 132 to $ 210.

It can be argued that in April, the cryptocurrency market was one of the most profitable markets for investors, which indicates the growing popularity of investments in crypto assets.

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