August 18, 2020
How Much You Can Earn with Antares in Binar Profit Team
We invite everyone to create their own daily source of income on the Antares platform. Here you can increase your funds both by actively participating in the development of the company and simply by investing. Today, we will talk about income in one of the most popular programs—Binar Profit Team—using specific examples.

- Passive income
If you are not interested in attracting new partners, we suggest you purchase an investment package to receive income with a floating rate of up to 2% per day for 200 calendar days. With investment packages in Binar Profit Team, you can earn up to 60% of your investment per month.

- Active income
You can build your own business and receive several times more than with passive income. There are also 5 types of bonuses:

1. Linear bonus
A commission for the sale of a service or a product of the company in the affiliate structure, which is not limited in width, but has a maximum depth of 3 lines. Allows you to earn up to 11% extra of the packages and services sold in the structure. For example, for the sale of 20,000 AND packages to two people on each of three lines, your bonus will be 3,800 AND.

2. Mentor bonus
Upon getting the Mentor career status, you begin to receive rewards every time the volume of your investment packages meets certain values. You can earn up to 50% of your personal investment package. So, if you have a 20,000 AND package, upon achieving the Level 16 Mentor status, you will receive 10,000 AND.

3. Binary bonus
You build only 2 branches in your affiliate structure, but at the same time, you get a profit from the entire turnover, regardless of its depth. It is important to maintain a balance of branches; otherwise, the conditions for the Binary bonus will not be met. You can additionally earn up to 9% of the packages and services sold in the structure. For example, if the volume of the left and right structures reaches 500 AND and 750 AND, respectively, then the Binary bonus from the smaller leg will be 42.5 AND in the case when the value of the personal package is 20,000 AND.

4. Office bonus
It is an additional cash reward for active partners who have achieved the Level 11 Mentor career status in the amount of up to 1% of the volume of all investment packages purchased in your affiliate structure to a depth of 10 lines. When you connect a partner who is not in your affiliate structure but lives in your region, you have the right to receive a reward in the amount of 2% of the amount of investment packages bought by him for working with him and his people.

5️. Reputation bonus
The company allocates a monthly cash pool equal to 10% of super-profits, which is used to pay bonuses and distributed among members with certain reputation statuses. With this program, you can earn up to 2% of the company's super-profits every month.

If you decide to build a business in Antares and take an active position, you can reach an income of $80,000 per month and more—our partners are the living proof. Register on the official website and start earning today!