August 28, 2020
How Much You Can Earn with Antares in Line Profit Team
Not so long ago, you found out how much you can earn with the Binar Profit Team program. Today we will tell you how to increase your income thanks to the Line Profit Team program, developed by the Antares advertising platform to promote Nexus Financial Management Limited.

It uses combination marketing based on a linear compensation plan with payout to the network up to 30%. You can receive additional profit on the investment package—up to 1.8% per day for 282-300 calendar days—, and the following bonuses for the active work in the affiliate program:

1️. Linear bonus
The affiliate structure, in this case, is not limited in width and is represented by 5 lines in depth. You receive not only a reward percentage for the sale of a service or product, but also a percentage of the investment profitability of the partner and his people. The larger the investment package attracted by you and your affiliate structure, the higher the reward percentage you will receive. For example, if the sum of attracted investment packages in the 1st line is 2,000 AND, then you will receive 3% of this amount, which equals 60 AND + 3% of the daily rate of return, which is floating.

2. Mentor bonus
Upon reaching the Mentor career status, you begin to receive remuneration every time the volume of your investment packages meets certain values. So, for example, by fulfilling the conditions for the Level 21 Mentor status, you can earn 140,000 AND.

3️. Leadership bonus
You can receive a commission reward from the 1st to the last day of each calendar month for the volume of sales of products or services of partner companies in the first line of your own affiliate network. For example, if you bought a package with a face value of 20,000 AND, and the amount of the package of more than six invitees in a certain period was at least 50,000 AND, then you will receive 2,000 AND.

4. Office bonus
If you are a Level 11 Mentor and have invited a partner who is not in your affiliate structure, but lives in your region, you can receive a reward in the amount of 2% of the sum of the investment packages he bought for working with him and his people.

5️. Reputation bonus
You receive a reward for achieving reputation statuses such as Basic, Professional, Master, Coach and Top Leader, which are assigned depending on your career status. For example, if you have achieved the Level 21 Mentor status, then you get access to the last reputation status, for the achievement of which you will receive a one-time payment of 18,000 AND. In addition, you get a monthly pool, which is distributed among all partners with reputation status, depending on their number.

We also remind you that the Leadership start with Nexus program is still available at the moment, thanks to which you can receive not only additional passive and active income, but also guaranteed prizes. Hurry up to take advantage of this offer before October 1, 2020, and pick up your iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods or Mercedes C- and E-class.

Start increasing your income with the great offers from Antares and Nexus. You can learn more on the platform's official website, in the Affiliate Programs – Line Profit Team section.