How to Launch Antares Crypto Bot
May 20 2022

How to Launch Antares Crypto Bot

Even though the Robot Profit Team program was added not so long ago, many partners have already joined it and are earning up to 40% per month.

Antares Crypto Bot helps them with this. One of its advantages is that it's very easy to activate. See for yourself:

1. Purchase a license
Log in to your personal account on and go to "Robot Profit Team" – "Finance" – "Purchase a license" section. There you can learn more about the conditions of the license options, select one of 8 and click "Buy".

2. Transfer funds to the wallet
Sign in to your account on using the login data from and go to the "Wallet" page. Transfer funds to a unique address generated by the exchange.

3. Top up your balance
In the "Trading robot" section, click "Deposit", enter the required amount in USDT and wait for the ACB to start working automatically.

Important: do not use more than 99% of the robot's limit; otherwise it will not run. That is, every time the budget approaches the maximum deposit figure, it must be withdrawn.

Use these instructions and share them with friends and partners to earn up to 40% per month and get bonuses through the Robot Profit Team affiliate program!

Launch bot in 1 step: