July 28, 2020
How to Make Your Savings Work for You?
Dear partners! A new feature has appeared in your personal account — Money Box. This is an alternative to the classic deposit account, with full withdrawal of the investment available at any time. You can now store money on the Antares platform, receiving 6-7% per month.

How is interest calculated?
- On the 11th day: +2% of the initial deposit amount.
- On the 21st day: +3% of the initial deposit amount.
- On the 41st day: +7% of the initial deposit amount.

The total yield for 41 days—the maturity period, after which the deposit is automatically closed—will be 12%. Possible deposit amount: from 10 AND to 10,000 AND. This way, you can get up to 1,200 AND! Also, you can make several deposits and earn on each of them. After the rewards accrual on the 41st day of the deposit, you can continue making a profit following the regulations of the Money Box feature, since the second round of operation will start.

Already want to make a deposit? Please note that this can only be done via your Start Wallet or Bonus Wallet. The return of the invested funds and interest accruals are made to the Transaction Wallet when the deposit is closed.

Hurry to your personal account and start making profit on your savings today!

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