How to Use Alpin as an Investor
April 12 2022

How to Use Alpin as an Investor

Dear partners, we remind you that last week we launched our launchpad platform. One of its main advantages is a modern and user-friendly interface.

Thanks to it, using Alpin is convenient for companies and investors of any experience. This means that you can start earning with Alcor LaunchPad by completing a few simple steps:

1. Register on and verify your identity through the KYC procedure.

2. Purchase the required number of Alpin tokens for IDO and IEO.

3. Participate in private and public rounds by buying tokens of listed cryptocurrency projects. Later, you can sell them and earn on the growth of the exchange rate.

Please note that the first token introduced on Alpin is , the local currency of Antares Meta Universe. You can learn more about it on

Use the instructions above, share them with your partners and earn more with Alcor LaunchPad!

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