August 29, 2020
How Well Do You Know Antares?
Dear partners, we invite you to take part in our quiz and select 3 incorrect statements from the list below.

Write your answers, and on Tuesday, September 1, we will post a list of incorrect statements with their refutation.

Good luck!

1. Antares brings companies and investors together solely for its own benefit.
2. At the moment, 4 investment affiliate programs are available on the platform.
3. You can only participate in one program on the Antares platform.
4. The Line Profit Team promotion program allows you to get a Mercedes E-class for free.
5. The affiliate structure created in previous Antares programs is synchronously transferred to the next programs.
6. Antares provides two types of additional protection for invested funds: Profit Protection and Investment Protection insurance.
7. To register with Antares, you must pay $100 to the person who invited you.
8. In the Line Profit Team program, an investor has the opportunity to receive up to 1.8% daily.
9. Coin Capitalization is an Antares product designed to monitor cryptocurrency rates.
10. Antares rewards partners who open Consultation centers.