September 11, 2020
Instructions for Antares Newbies
We would like to welcome all newly joined Antares Trade partners and recommend visiting the following pages of the platform's official website
The About Us section will tell you what Antares is, what opportunities this platform provides and who the president and founder of Antares Limited is.
Register for free and get access to your personal account, where you can join affiliate programs and purchase investment packages on favorable terms. Registration is possible only through an invitation. Therefore, you can find a suitable person yourself or fill in the necessary data and send us a search request. The inviter can send you an e-mail with a transitional link or their referral link, by clicking on which you will immediately be taken to the registration form, where you should fill in all the missing data and click the Register button.

We also recommend that you study the affiliate programs listed below to grow your own capital.
Binar Profit Team is a program that offers a return on investment packages of up to 2% per day for 200 calendar days. You can find more detailed calculations of income for this program in our Telegram.
Synergy Profit Team is a marketing strategy that allows you to reliably purchase goods and services for a part of the cost. Head over to Synergy's official website and learn how to make your dream come true at a discount.
Token Profit Team is a program that guarantees a yield of 1–5% per day and allows you to independently choose the timing of the purchase and sale of Antares Token (ANT), the rate of which is predicted, calculated and set in advance. For your convenience, go to the Token Profit Team telegram channel, where you can find daily updates about the ANT rate.
Line Profit Team is a marketing strategy that provides for an additional profit of up to 1.8% per day, for a period of 282–300 calendar days, both from personal investment and from active work in the affiliate program. You can read more about how to increase your income thanks to the Line Profit Team program in our Telegram.
The platform's website contains answers to frequently asked questions, program terminology and detailed video instructions to help you take advantage of all the opportunities Antares Trade provides.

We are happy to work with everyone who wants to become a part of the global investment platform and increase their income.

Antares. Your right choice.

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