September 1, 2020
Introducing Antares Exchange
Dear partners, we are happy to announce another great event—today, September 1, the Antares platform launched an exchange that makes working with cryptocurrencies as easy as never before!

Antares Exchange combines two important features. Firstly, it is a secure wallet for storing cryptocurrency. Secondly, it is a trading exchange that is equipped with modern technologies that allow you to exchange crypto assets in the most productive way possible.

We have been developing Antares Exchange for over two years. And now, having passed all the tests of the exchange's functionality under significant load, it meets all the highest requirements. What's more, not only Antares partners, but also many people around the world can use this income-generating tool. We want to contribute to the development of an alternative global financial ecosystem; therefore, Antares Exchange does not charge any fees.

Go to the Antares Exchange ( page and experience the high speed of trading, withdrawals and deposits. Store your cryptocurrency in a safe place and get 24/7 fast and professional support today.

Antares Exchange is your first-class trading experience.