July 6, 2020
Introducing Line Profit Team
Dear partners! We are pleased to present our new program—Line Profit Team—developed to promote Nexus Financial Limited.

Under this program, you can purchase investment packages with a face value of $50 to 50,000 with a working period of 282-300 calendar days. The daily yield is up to 1.8%, with premiums of up to 0.1% depending on the size of the package.

The program's main feature is the reliable protection of the investment capital thanks to the distribution of finances in 5 trade sectors, namely:

1. Cryptocurrency
2. Commodity market
3. Forex
4. Venture capital investments
5. Stock

If you take an active part in the program, you can receive additional income with such bonuses as:

- Linear bonus
Up to 5% of the sale of an investment package and up to 5% of the invited partners' profit.

- Mentor bonus
Rewards from 75 to 140,000 AND for achieving a new level of the Mentor status.

- Leadership bonus
Rewards from 60 to 2,500 AND for achieving the KPI targets for the reporting period.

- Office bonus
Up to 1% of the turnover of the entire affiliate network to a depth of 10 levels.

- Reputation bonus
Rewards from 50 to 18 000 AND for fulfilling the conditions for achieving the next career status.

Buy investment packages, invite new partners, and earn money together under the Line Profit Team program. You can learn more about the program at link to the site

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