Introducing the New Step Profit Team Program
April 6 2022

Introducing the New Step Profit Team Program

Dear partners! We are thrilled to present you the third program on, Step Profit Team!

Its main advantage is a daily yield of up to 1.5% for 400 calendar days. You can choose any deposit amount, from 50 AND to 20,000 AND, in 10 AND increments. By taking an active part in this program, you can earn additional income with:

1. Step bonus
Up to 21% of the attracted investment package at an unlimited number of levels of the structure depth according to the “compression rule”.

2. Mentor bonus
A reward of 75 AND to 140,000 AND for achieving a new level of the Mentor status.

3. Office bonus
A reward of up to 1% for the turnover of the structure (7 lines in depth) and up to 10% of the earnings of a partner who opened an office under the Office program.

Buy investment packages, invite new partners and earn more with Step Profit Team!

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