Introducing the New Token Profit Team Program
May 17 2022

Introducing the New Token Profit Team Program

Dear partners, today, we launched a new program, Token Profit Team. It will allow you to join one of the main events of the platform!

IPO of Antares 2.0 will take place on December 11, 2023, and will let people from all over the world trade shares of our platform. For this, we issued 1 million ATT. The initial price of one token is 1 AND, but already on 11.12.2023, it will reach 2,000 AND.

Buy ATT and choose your earning strategy with Token Profit Team:

1️. Hold the tokens while their price grows and sell them, making a profit due to the difference in rates.

2️. Become an Antares 2.0 shareholder by exchanging ATT for shares and not selling them to receive the corresponding dividends.

In addition to the above options, you can earn extra rewards up to 7 lines deep for selling licenses in your affiliate structure. However, please note that the referral program and other forms of income generation are only available to ATT license holders.

Token Profit Team. Time is on your side!

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