Meet Great Spring Promotions
April 1 2022

Meet Great Spring Promotions

Today is April Fool's, a day when people play pranks on their friends and family, but this is no joke! We are launching a spring promotion, in which everyone can participate:

1️. Motivate your friends to earn in the Binar Profit Team and Union Profit Team programs on

2. Get additional PV bonuses for every 100 AND/UND attracted to the first line of your affiliate network

3. Exchange PV for gadgets, watches, cars, and other valuable prizes

Read more about the spring promo on the "Great Spring Promotions" page on or at the following link:

If you have more than 10,000 PV, then we will fulfill any of your desires within the earned bonuses. Upgrades or repeat purchases are counted at 50%.

Participate in Great Spring Promotions until June 1, 2022, and receive gifts from Antares 2.0!

Great Spring Promotions: