January 25, 2020
Meeting of Antares Executives in Madrid
The planning meeting of the Antares Limited team took place in Madrid on January 25, 2020. The event was attended by company representatives from different regions. In his welcoming speech, Alexander Richter, the president and founder of the company, stated that the experience of holding such meetings helps to effectively adjust the workflow and promptly handle any arising issues. In the Antares platform progress report, Mateo Lopez emphasized that the company is ready to enter the international market, however, it is necessary to choose the regions to start with. Also, during the plenary sitting of the meeting, progress reports were delivered by Leonardo Vega, Rafael Navarro, Manuel Mora and Gloria Gallo. The members of the company have finally discussed further market entry strategy and determined the first development regions. The meeting attendees have also considered the basic algorithms for behavior of the company management and staff in crisis, as well as incentive plans and programs for engaging independent business partners.
For example, Alexander Richter noted that the game element is very important in MLM companies. Often partners of network companies get conventional statuses within the client hierarchy – “gold”, “silver”, etc., which offers certain bonuses and benefits. He was supported by Sofia Marquez, who pointed out that in traditional business, gamification elements are becoming more and more common in building corporate culture: “This is crucial for potential businessmen, who enter the company for self-realization. It is important for us to make a person feel valuable and proud of their achievements”.

Executives of Antares set the date and place of the meeting for potential partners and top leaders. According to the preliminary data, the first presentation of Antares will be held on March, 2020, where the team will provide details regarding the development plans, principles, structure, products and perspectives of partnership.