June 30, 2020
Token Profit Team Conference Schedule

In today's video message, Alex Richter, the founder of Antares, shared the results of June and talked about the company's plans for July. The first month of summer was eventful, and the company continues to grow rapidly. New innovative programs and financial instruments are going to be introduced in July.

June Events:
- Launch of the Office program and opening of 15 consultation centers around the world.
- Launch of the Token Profit Team option program, which allows you to earn up to 200,000% of profit.
- Partnership with the Easy Change exchange service.
- The Antares Online Business Forum global event.
- New investment package with a face value of 20,000 AND and much more.

Plans for July:
1. Launch of the fourth investment and affiliate program, Line Profit Team.
2. New tool for active partners of the company, the Agent program.
3. A third exchange service—a full-fledged P2P exchange.
4. New investment package with a face value of 35,000 AND.
5. Launch of the new Money Box service and much more.

The highlight of July will be the launch of a new investment and affiliate program —Line Profit Team— which is designed specifically to promote Nexus Financial Limited. Over the 10 years of operation, the Nexus hedge fund, thanks to the distribution of investment capital in 5 trading sectors, has never allowed serious losses. For one account, you can purchase several investment packages with a face value from $ 50 to 50 000. Be active in the Line Profit Team program and get high income with the reliable protection of your investments.

Watch the video and learn more about Antares events in June and what awaits the company in July.