May 31, 2020
Message from Antares CEO Alex Richter

Message from Antares CEO Alex Richter: "The results of May. What awaits the company next month?"

In today's video message, Alex Richter, the founder of Antares, shared the month's results and spoke about the big plans he has for June. The first month of summer will be special for Antares. The company is planning for explosive growth and expansion of the affiliate structure. Each partner will get an opportunity to take their business to a new level and receive high profits.

Highlights of May:
Launch of the Recruitment option
New investment affiliate program, Synergy Profit Team
Launch of an investment package with a face value of 10,000 AND and much more.

Plans for June:
Launch of the Office program
Synergy will launch the second program, Synergy Device
An investment package with a face value of 20,000 AND will become available and much more.

The main event of June is the Antares Worldwide Online Business Forum. This is a unique international digital event where leading MLM experts from 10 countries will share their vision, valuable insights, and experience. Invite guests and as many members of your structure as possible, and get useful information that will help boost your business!

Watch the video and find out more about what happened with Antares in May and what awaits the company in June.