September 2, 2020
Monthly Report on the Work of Catalyst Traders

In August, the cryptocurrency market saw good volatility in the price of Bitcoin. The minimum of the month—on August 2—was $10,518, while the maximum price reached $12,455 on August 17. The fluctuation range was just under 20%, which is a high indicator of volatility. Such a price movement during the month allowed buying and selling Bitcoin in a wide zone from 11,200 to 11,900-12,000 and making money on the flat—price movement in a certain range.

There was parity between buyers and sellers in August, as none of them was able to take the Bitcoin price out of the flat movement. Accordingly, the number of mentions of the cryptocurrency market in the media increased, which may affect the growth of attention to it from the general population, as well as from traditional investors.

Ethereum in August experienced similar price dynamics, showing a low on August 2 at $326.50 and a high at $440.50 on August 17. By the end of the month, it once again approached its monthly high, thereby showing a bullishness tendency in the market. During the month, we saw a rapid rise in prices for tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem, connected by the general concept of De-Fi—decentralized finance.

At the end of the month, the cryptocurrency market remains one of the most dynamic and attractive for investors. The good volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market has led to excellent profits.

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