June 2, 2020
Catalyst Monthly Report (May 2020)

Monthly Report on the Work of Catalyst Traders with Antares Platform Clients’ Portfolio, May 2020

In early May, Catalyst traders noted high volatility of the market and a global uptrend. On the cryptocurrency market, BTC and ETH grew, which allowed many traders to significantly grow their portfolios during this period.

Investors met one of the most anticipated events of the digital money market—Bitcoin halving—with a mixed response. It means that the reward for mining Bitcoin transactions was cut in half.

In May, BTC saw an overall price increase from $ 8,727 to $ 9,390, while being rather unstable until the middle of the month. However, in mid-May, it continued growing steadily to its maximum price for this month. ETH also demonstrated some growth, rising from $ 209.70 to $ 242.40 with variable increases during May.

From all of the above, we can conclude that in May, the cryptocurrency market proved to be incredibly profitable for all the participants who managed to buy or sell the chosen currency on time at a favorable rate.