October 3, 2020
Monthly Report on the Work of Catalyst Traders

In September, the cryptocurrency market saw good volatility in the price of Bitcoin. The minimum for the month was noted on September 5—$ 9,825—and the maximum —$12,050—on September 1. At the beginning of the month, a large-scale drop occurred in the cryptocurrency market, and the BTC price fell by 18%. Later on, its price started a long correctional movement, showing a local maximum of $11,179. In the middle of the month, buyers made attempts to resume the uptrend and managed to deliver the maximum on September 19—$11,179. However, they failed to develop full-fledged growth. The month ended at the $10,776 mark.
Ethereum had a similar price action in September, showing a low on September 5 at $308.42 and a high at $488.84 on September 1. The fall in the price of ETH was more severe than that of BTC and amounted to 37%. During the month, the price was in a correctional movement, showing the maximum on September 17—$394.14. The month ended at $359.83.
At the end of the month, the cryptocurrency market remains one of the most dynamic and attractive for investors. The good volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market has led to excellent profits.

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