May 28, 2020
New: Synergy’s Legal Model
Before becoming a partner of Antares, each company goes through a rigorous selection process. Not only financial indicators and prospects of the idea are considered, but also the legal platform of the company. Antares's Legal Department breaks down the legal base of partner companies into simple and understandable parts and provides a report for investors to study.

Today we are pleased to introduce the legal base of our new partner, the Synergy group of companies. The mechanism of the company's work is presented in detail with full transparency in the legal model. Each partner can read the full package of Synergy documents on the Antares official website.

The legal basis report is divided into the following parts:

1️. Interaction of Synergy companies
2️. Target participation agreement
3️. Partnership with Catalyst
4️. Partnership with Antares
5️. Partnership with Largo

Trust only approved companies! Learn more about the legal model of the Synergy group of companies at the link below.

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