September 4, 2020
Nexus and Antares: Guarantors of Your Financial Success
Nexus is a traditional hedge fund that actively increases clients' return on investment and has taken the leading position in the international market. The fund operates in 5 market segments at once:

- Forex
- Cryptocurrency
- Stocks
- Venture capital investments
- Commodity market

This diversification model protects the invested capital. In case of failure in one of the segments, the profit on the other ones compensates for the losses and gives an overall positive return. As proof, the hedge fund publishes monthly reports on its Telegram channel. Clients' capital management is carried out by specialists with over 12 years of experience, who create individual investment strategies for each client.

On June 23, 2020, Nexus transferred the exclusive rights to promote its products and services to Antares. This resulted in the Line Profit Team program, a hedge fund marketing strategy developed by the our platform. This program uses a referral system model based on a linear compensation marketing plan. In Line Profit Team you can receive passive income of up to 1.8% per day for a period of 282–300 calendar days, as well as 5 types of additional bonuses for active participation in the life of the company. Here we talked in detail about each of the rewards and how much you can earn on them.

Let the professionals from Nexus and Antares take care of your investment—purchase your investment package now.

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