March 17, 2020
Official Appeal of Alex Richter
The Antares team on behalf of Alex Richter would like to congratulate you on the start and the first results and wish you all the best.

We have started successfully. A pleasant surprise was the great activity of the world's top leaders in the first 48 hours of the closed presale. Thanks to the head of international marketing Leonardo Vega for a great idea. Congratulations to our first leaders: Caesar and Lily from South America, top European leaders, and, of course, incredibly motivated guys from Asia and Eastern Europe. Expand the boundaries of our business, actively help new partners in mastering the full functionality of Antares tools. And we, in turn, will help you to follow the path of success, working side by side with you to achieve common goals.

Now for the news:
We are planning to hold leadership events in Mexico city and Barcelona soon. There we will show that Antares is not just a company, it is a way to change the world, distribution in its traditional sense and unite tens of millions of people into a single system, in which each person is the creator of their success, business, and life. We will tell you what high-yield tools can be used today, report our first achievements, and present a strategic distribution development map and details of the Antares platform development roadmap for 2020.

Only some people know, but in addition to the distribution presale, in February 2020 we held a competition among potential Antares partner companies. Very soon you will get the results of the contest. You will be delighted with the results we have received.
Within our network, each person defines the boundaries of their business, decides whether they will simply be consumers of various products within Antares, or they will build their own consumer market, the geography of which can be unlimited.

Today we are at the beginning of a long journey. We have a lot of work and many achievements ahead of us. Together, we can achieve all our goals and objectives.

Antares — your right choice