July 1, 2020
Results and plans with Synergy adviser

Hello, friends! Vasiliy Yegorov's informational presentations will be held on the first day of each month since today. In them, the Synergy adviser will sum up the results and share plans for the future.

Today there is just one of these video messages. Watch and you will find out:

1️. What useful features will appear on the site and in your personal Synergy account
2️. A number of people who have applied for the Synergy Auto program and those who are planning to do it in the next 2 months
3️. What event is scheduled for July 30
4️. How many cars residents will get and in which cities
5️. How a new target investment format works
6️. Where to view the schedule of offline presentations by Vasiliy Yegorov
7️. How bonuses will be paid under a new partner's program

July is one of the busiest months in the history of Synergy. We share the latest company news. Follow our social networks and you will not miss any important event of Synergy Group.