May 4, 2020
The New Antares Partner

Message from Antares Founder Alex Richter: "Synergy Group, the New Antares Partner"

In today's video message, Alex Richter talks about Antares's new partner, the Synergy group of companies, which specializes in investment programs that are tied to a specific product or service. At the moment, one program is available, Synergy Auto, which allows you to buy a car at a discount of up to 70%. By the end of 2021, Synergy plans to launch 12 programs.

Synergy has a partnership agreement with Largo Insurance, which has been operating since 2019. At the moment, its capitalization is more than $300 million, and the daily trading volume is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Largo Insurance is the first platform in the world that uses its own cryptocurrency Largo Coin as a security tool for transactions, and it is traded on two exchanges. Thus, Synergy offers its programs with a guarantee of their execution and 100% protection of funds deposited into the company.

On May 4, 2020, the Synergy group of companies signed an agreement to transfer the exclusive rights for the promotion of their products and services to Antares. Therefore, starting today, those who wish to participate in Synergy programs can only do this via the Antares platform.

Congratulations to all of you on our new partnership, and we wish you success!

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