September 28, 2020
Three Steps to Launch Antares Crypto Bot
Are you already using AI to increase your capital? More than 100 partners are actively earning from 25 to 40% per month using Antares Crypto Bot. Try it too! Activate the robot in just three easy steps.

Step №1. Purchase a license
Go to your personal account and click the "Buy a license" button in the "Robot Profit Team" section. Review the terms and conditions and choose one of the eight licenses available. Make sure that the account to be debited is correct and click "Buy". In the future, you can upgrade the license at any time, while the Robot Profit Team program is still active.

Step №2. Transferring funds to the wallet
Return to your account and click on the "Activate" button. After that, you will be taken to the Antares Exchange website. Enter the login and password you use for, select the interface and go to the "Wallet" section. Decide on the top-up currency. The Antares Exchange system will give you a unique address to transfer funds to. Please note that when you deposit AND, you only have access to the funds of the Start and Bonus Wallets.

Step №3. Top up the robot's balance
Go to the "Trading Robot" section, click "Deposit" and enter the required amount in USDT (you can exchange any currency on the website). Keep in mind that the robot cannot start if you have replenished the limit by 100%, so it is recommended to use 99% of the limit. That is, every time the budget approaches the maximum deposit figure, it must be withdrawn.

Antares Crypto Bot will start working automatically no later than the next day after the creation or increase of the deposit. Try this instruction right now and start earning up to 40% per month!