March 31, 2020
Video Message from Alex Richter
Message from the founder of Antares Alex Richter: “March results. What awaits the company next month?”

We are launching a series of monthly video messages: every last day of the month, the founder of Antares will share the company's latest news. In today's video message, Alex Richter summed up the results of March, talked about the past and future changes in the platform’s functionality, as well as about new programs and products that will be revealed in April.

“Greetings to all the partners around the world, I am Alex Richter, founder of the Antares platform.
Today is the last day of March, and with this video, as many of you have requested, I begin a series of monthly video messages in which I will share Antares news. A new video will be released every last day of the month, and I am happy to congratulate everyone on our new tradition!
In the first part of the video, we will summarize the month's work, talk about what has changed, what goals have been achieved and what we have improved. In the second part, we will take a look into the future and you will find out what changes will be implemented in the platform’s functionality during the next month, and also learn about new programs and products. The purpose of these videos is to keep you informed.
So that there are no questions like "What's next?", "Where are we going?", "What should we expect in the future?" I am sure that this will be an excellent tool for motivation and inspiration for our leaders, partners and potential partners.

So, let's begin!

The month of March was a wonderful time, as we announced pre-registration on March 2, and many leaders from several countries took advantage of this opportunity and were the first to take strong places.
On March 4, the purchase of investment packages of our first partner, Catalyst, and registration of affiliates, creating your own network, became available.
I am infinitely proud that Catalyst has become our first partner company. This is a powerful player in the financial market, with a great successful history and we are all very lucky to have formed a team.
Catalyst has a planned scale model and is ready to accept investors' money according to a certain financial scenario, increasing volumes gradually, which is why from the first days a limit was set on the maximum possible investment package of $ 1,000 per investor. On March 23, increasing investment to $2,500 became available, and many were happy about this opportunity and took advantage of it, increasing the turnover of invested funds and increasing the bonus amounts for the affiliate program, and as a result, making the business stronger.
At the time of recording this video, the number of investor partners has almost reached 4,000 people, the best lions and lionesses of the industry have joined us and continue to join. Our team was shocked by the impact the platform created on the world market, I am inspired and happy to see how easily people accept the idea of Antares. It is also kind of exciting for me to realize this because we only have 1 program launched and only about 10% of the functionality is implemented. What will happen when there are 5, 10, 20 programs? Can you imagine that?
There are already 11 companies waiting to be placed on our platform, but we cannot place them all at once, since we have a predictable scaling model, we know what the market needs and we will launch everything necessary at the right time.
This month, our partner exchange service Interchange expanded the possibilities of buying and selling our internal currency, Antares dollar, and now it can be bought and sold not only for Bitcoin but also for Ethereum and Litecoin.
There were some technical difficulties because, as practice shows, only a system operating under load is able to reveal weaknesses. We have a strong team of programmers and we quickly resolved all issues.
In less than a month, our IT department has done a gigantic job:
1. We described most of the platform’s procedures in detail.
You can now find even more important and necessary information on the site and in your personal account.
2. We reworked the accumulation of Binary bonuses, now they are paid even faster. A notification was introduced for users if they have not been placed in a binary structure.
There will also be notifications from your affiliates if you need to put them in the binary structure. We fixed the information in the Binary bonus transaction history, making the process more informative.
3. In the personal account, we moved the binary structure to a separate page, pointed to the sponsor's footer in a different color, added an affiliate search engine and provided the balances of the branches.
4. You can now protect your personal account using Google's two-factor authentication, as well as disable it.
5. We added new settings for email notifications. Information about all financial transactions in your account can now be received by mail.
6. We modified the mentoring program, clarifying who is the main branch and who are others.
7. We increased the reward for the purchase of capital protection packages by your affiliates. You will now receive referral rewards of 20% of the total purchase amount of the capital protection package for the first line, 10% for the second line, and 5% for the third line of your affiliate structure. You can get a Referral bonus on a small but fair condition: you must purchase a capital protection package yourself.

On March 18, we held an event in Mexico City and I saw the eyes of the Lions of Latin America shine. In their eyes, I saw the future and I'm not kidding, because only people with fire in their eyes create the future, create history, and the energy I received during this event did not let me sleep for 2 days!
Our technical support team received many questions about the legal model of the company, about how all companies are related since it is not so easy to understand this new concept of Antares at the first try. Our legal department described the legal model for the interaction of all companies in a very simple and accessible way. We try to make everything clear for you!
Just yesterday we added the Russian, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese languages to our website. This is very convenient since people who speak these languages were the first to actively participate in the work.
Also in March, we started developing our own payment system and the Antares bank card, linked to your Antares account. The development process is in full swing, we have already signed the necessary documents and I think that in a few months we will be able to present the bank card.
March was full of not only various technical improvements but also new markets. Our company has been very popular worldwide. People from 23 countries of the world joined us. Partners from Eastern European countries, especially Russia, were very active. I am very happy to see this and, taking this opportunity, I would like to express my great respect. Asian companies from the countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore were on par, and we are already planning to open offices there. The Latin American countries gave us a very warm welcome. I want to thank everyone for participating, I can't wait to meet many of you and I am sure this will happen soon.
And now, let's take a look at the future and touch upon important points for all of us, and talk about what awaits us in April.
Tomorrow, on April 1, in the Binar Profit Team program, the company's active partners will receive an Reputation bonus, which will be formed from the super-profits received by Catalyst during the month.
It will be distributed evenly among the partners with the corresponding Reputation statuses. Follow the news on your accounts and on our site.
On April 2, we will add the Wechat news channel, a popular messenger in Asia, as well as China's largest video portal Youku so that our Asian partners are always up to date with the latest news.
On April 6, we will launch a message exchange service within the Antares platform, and you will also be able to receive technical support from your personal account. From this day on, all technical problems for the company's registered partners will be resolved through internal messaging.
On April 13, you will get the opportunity to purchase an investment package from Catalyst with a face value of 5,000 AND. This will give you a higher return on the investment package due to higher allocation and increased Binary and Linear bonuses.
On April 15, our partner exchange service Interchange will make buying and selling Antares dollars through the Perfect Money payment system available.
On April 17, we will add the popular social network Twitter.
On April 19, Interchange will add the USDT cryptocurrency.
On April 20, our partner company Catalyst will launch its own robot development for trading in cryptocurrency exchanges. All new Antares partners will have the opportunity to obtain this unique tool for free, which can generate additional profits and be another source of income, along with the purchase of an investment package. The robot's open order limit will equal five times the amount of its investment package.
On April 22, we plan to post a video report of a visit to one of Catalyst's offices and conduct interviews with the company's traders about their activities. We will ask them many questions and we will discover how they manage to obtain profitability during the global crisis.
On April 25, Interchange will add the EOS and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrencies.
On April 27, we will start promoting one of the strongest innovative products in the world of cryptocurrencies. This tool will help you navigate the market better, as well as make it profitable to buy cryptocurrencies with bank cards.
On April 29, we will launch versions of the site in Italian, German, French, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, and Swahili. So our site will be available in 16 languages, and therefore the number of potential Antares platform partners will be more than 80% of the world population.

Also in April I'm planning to hold video conferences with some of the most active leaders. We monitor the activity of all users and we will contact some of you.
We are currently preparing for the launch of Antares' second investment and affiliation program. The launch is scheduled for May 4 and we will meet the deadlines. I want to tell you a secret: this program will make an impact no less than Antares itself and will allow you to buy many things, such as a car, real estate, and home appliances for a price 2-3 times lower than the market. This program will only work for Antares members and others will not be able to use it.
Also in April there will be small and large events that I did not mention, it will be a surprise. I was pleased to shoot this video, and I'm inspired no less than you are. With much love for you, see you in the next video. Goodbye!”