August 2, 2020
Weekly Report
In the period from 27.07.2020 to 02.08.2020, Catalyst earned + 6.39 % of profit.

On Monday the S&P 500 index closed trading at the highest level in the last 5 months. It demonstrates the optimism of investors. They expect a gradual resumption of economic activity in the US, which may begin in some states as early as next week.

Bitcoin rapidly rose to $11,400 per day on July 28. Its rate rose by 7%, and in March to $3800 — by 200%. The last time the coin was traded at current values was in early August last year. The trading volume of the asset increased by 45% in 24 hours, to $35 billion. BTC's market share has risen to 63%.

The price of a Troy ounce of gold rose by 1.63% to $1928.4 at this week's auction. The maximum value during the trading session was $1938. Gold prices have updated the historical high that has been held since 2011, when the precious metal was valued at a record $1923.7. Demand for gold is growing due to the deterioration of relations between the US and China and fears of a slowdown in the global economy due to the coronavirus pandemic. Investors use gold as their main protective asset during periods of political or economic instability.

Oil, like gold, often grows at times stronger than the weakening of the US currency. However, now the growth of oil is hindered by huge reserves that have accumulated during the lockdown in many countries. Despite the fact that the pace of creation of stocks has ceased to look frightening, their impressive volumes obviously put pressure on the quotes. Fresh weekly data indicated a reduction in US crude oil stocks by 10.6 million barrels. However, falling volumes are the norm for the summer period. Now there is 20.5% more crude oil in private storage than a year ago.

Below is the company's overall earnings report for each day of the week:

Monday (27.07) + 1.61 %.
Tuesday (28.07) + 0.64 %.
Wednesday (29.07) + 0.71 %.
Thursday (30.07) + 1.01 %.
Friday (31.07) + 1.21 %.
Saturday (01.08) + 0.6 %.
Sunday (02.08) + 0.61 %.

We publish a report on the company's profits every Sunday at 10 p.m. (UTC +8).

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