April 5, 2020
Weekly Report
Dear partners, we present you a weekly report on the work of traders of Catalyst in the period from 30 March to 5 April.

This week in the background of fluctuations in the oil price and a continuing rise in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus around the world Catalyst earned +7.05% profit.

The price of Brent oil fluctuated from $ 24.27 to $ 27.8 per barrel. After statements about negotiations between the world leaders of the United States and Saudi Arabia the price rose to $ 33 per barrel by the end of the week.

The reduction of air traffic between countries and the introduction of quarantine measures to combat the spread of coronavirus in the world led to a reduction in the volume of metal trading in a number of countries. Precious metals have lost in price this week. Gold-0.42%, platinum-1.05%.

Due to the difficult economic situation, people are increasingly showing interest in cryptocurrency. During the week bitcoin rose by 4.8%. Ethereum rose by 6.9%. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin also show growth.

At the end of the week the SSE 50 composite index, which includes shares of the 50 largest and most liquid companies on the Shanghai stock exchange ("blue chips"), fell by 0.41%.

Below is a general report on the company's profit for each day of the week:

Monday (30.03) - 1.87 %.
Tuesday (31.03) - 0.87 %.
Wednesday (01.04) - 0.95 %.
Thursday (02.04) - 1.12 %.
Friday (03.04) - 1.08 %.
Saturday (04.04) - 0.52 %.
Sunday (05.04) - 0.64 %.

We remind you that, according to one of the points of agreement between Antares and Catalyst, the Catalyst company is obliged to inform investors about the accrued profit for the weekly reporting period every Sunday at 10 pm (UTC +8).