August 9, 2020
Weekly Report
In the period from 03.08.2020 to 09.08.2020, Catalyst earned + 6.7 % of profit.

Brent crude showed strong growth on Wednesday, having managed to update the highs since the beginning of March and reach the range of 45-50 USD / bbl, testing the mark of 46 USD/bbl in the course of trading against the background of favorable general market conditions and further weakening of the dollar.

Further weakening of the position of the US currency and the growth of inflation expectations for the dollar allow us to expect further growth in oil quotes.

Bitcoin held above $11,000 and continued to grow on Friday. In addition, momentum was maintained for other cryptocurrencies. The weekly growth of the reference cryptocurrency is almost 7%. Total capitalization increased by $32 billion.

Gold has passed the important threshold of $2000, which investors almost compare with the positive momentum for Bitcoin.

Quotes of the S&P 500 stock index continue to move within the growth and ascending channel. The index was trading at a level of 3316 on 7 August. We should expect an attempt to develop a downward correction and test the support level near 3285.

Below is a general report on the company's earnings for each day of the week:

Monday (03.08) + 1.42 %.
Tuesday (04.08) + 0.83 %.
Wednesday (05.08) + 1.01 %.
Thursday (06.08) + 1.03 %.
Friday (07.08) + 1.02 %.
Saturday (08.08) + 0.67 %.
Sunday (09.08) + 0.72 %.

We publish a report on the company's profits every Sunday at 10 p.m. (UTC +8).

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