April 26, 2020
Weekly Report
Dear partners, we present you a weekly report on the work of traders of Catalyst in the period from 20 to 26 April.

This week Catalyst earned +7.19% profit.

Oil prices rose on Friday due to signals from producers to reduce production, as well as after the approval of new stimulus measures in the United States. The market is waiting for the entry into force of the OPEC+ agreement on reducing oil production in early May.

Investors continue to be interested in long-term investments. The demand for precious metals is growing. This week gold and silver futures show thgrowth, despite the price decline on April 21 and 22.

Intel released a report on Thursday with first-quarter results that beat analysts' forecasts. The company reported earnings per share of $ 1.45, with earnings of $ 19.83 B. Intel's forecast for the 2nd quarter disappointed the market, despite the growth in sales. Intel shares fell by 6%.

Good news comes from the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency activity in the network is growing. The number of active addresses increased to the figures of July 2019, when the market was on the rise. Bitcoin this week showed growth of 6.66%, Ethereum-3.44%, IOTA-7.89%, Litecoin-7.15%.

Below is the company's overall earnings report for each day of the week:

Monday (20.04) - 1.74 %.
Tuesday (21.04) - 0,81 %.
Wednesday (22.04) - 0,95 %.
Thursday (23.04) - 1,36 %.
Friday (24.04) - 1,18 %.
Saturday (25.04) - 0,53 %.
Sunday (26.04) - 0,62 %.

We remind you that, according to one of the points of agreement between Antares and Catalyst, the Catalyst company is obliged to inform investors about the accrued profit for the weekly reporting period every Sunday at 10 pm.