March 29, 2020
Weekly Report
Dear partners, we present you a weekly report on the work of traders of Catalyst in the period from 23 to 29 March.

Over the past week the market has seen a recovery after economic shocks on the background of the coronavirus pandemic. The company's shares rose in 6 out of 7 directions. During the week +6.68% of profit was earned.

The leader in terms of profit this week was the precious metals sector (+2.03%). The price of gold at auction on Monday showed the highest daily growth in history. Gold futures for April delivery rose $84.7 an ounce, or 5.7 %, to $1569,3. The food industry also shows stable growth (+1.87%).

The cryptocurrency sector shows excellent dynamics. BTC rose to $6682, altcoins XPR and ETH increased by 4% and 15%, respectively. In this regard, the shares of this sector rose by 1.15%.

The situation with “blue-chip” stocks is also generally positive (+1%). In the first half of the week the investment portfolio was replenished with existing shares of large companies. These purchases are a logical continuation of the implementation of long-term investment tactics.

The tactics of managing currency pairs and futures over the past week were to sell small blocks of shares, so these sectors show a slight increase +0.98% and +0.83%, respectively.

The commodity sector continues to show negative dynamics (-1.18%). According to experts, the effect of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the world infruences on reducing the price of oil. Today it costs about $25 per barrel.

Below is a general report on the company's profit for each day of the week:

Monday (23.03) - 1.01 %.
Tuesday (24.03) - 1.24 %.
Wednesday (25.03) - 1.36 %.
Thursday (26.03) - 0.87 %.
Friday (27.03) - 0.99 %.
Saturday (28.03) - 0.62 %.
Sunday (29.03) - 0.59 %.

We publish a report on the company's traders every Sunday at 10 pm (UTC +8).

We remind you that, according to one of the points of agreement between Antares and Catalyst, the Catalyst company is obliged to inform investors about the accrued profit for the weekly reporting period.

According to the rules of the agreement, reports are published on site every Sunday at 10 pm.