March 15, 2020
Weekly Report
Dear partners, we present you a weekly report on the work of traders of Catalyst in the period from 9 to 15 March.

Last week, the global stock market generally showed negative dynamics. The reason for this was a negative tendency in the US and Chinese markets because of the economic turmoil with COVID-19.

Against the background of this fall, Catalyst used the tactic of buying on the decline, which led to an increase in shares in 5 of the 7 areas of the company's activities. During the weekly period, +6.57% of profit was earned.

The leader was a food industry, whose shares added an average of 2.1%. Also, good results were achieved in the precious metals sector — 2% and in the futures sector — 1.91%.

Positive dynamics was demonstrated by the shares of "blue chips". Because of the sharp market falls in the start of the week, investors decided to buy cheaper shares, but trading finished by the strong growth — 1.2%.

Despite the situation on the market, there is a slight increase in the shares of the currency pairs sector — 0.79%.

The main declines are observed in the cryptocurrency sector. Shares in this sector fell by an average of 1%. This negative trend is associated with a sharp drop in bitcoin (more than 30%) and altcoin (55%) on the world market, which happened in the end of the week.

The fuel raw materials sector also shows negative dynamics. Because of the collapse in oil prices, shares of fertile materials also fell by 0.43%.

General report on the company's profit for each day of the week is presented below:

Monday (9.03) — 0.7 %.
Tuesday (10.03) — 1 %.
Wednesday (11.03) — 1 %.
Thursday (12.03) — 1.44 %.
Friday (13.03) — 1.08 %.
Saturday (14.03) — 0.64 %.
Sunday (15.03) — 0.71 %.

We remind you that, according to one of the points of agreement between Antares and Catalyst, the Catalyst company is obliged to inform investors about the accrued profit for the weekly reporting period.

According to the rules of the agreement, reports are published on site every Sunday at 22: 00.