July 18, 2020
What Is an IPO, and What Is It For?
It is no secret that when a company changes its status from private to public, it's setting itself up for success. Listing the company's shares on well-known and largest exchanges is not only prestigious, but also profitable.
Initial Public Offering (IPO) or stock market launch is when an organization offers its shares to the public. Thanks to this, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people worldwide can acquire them, thereby becoming company shareholders.

The main reasons for an IPO are:
- Attracting additional funds that can be used for business development;
- Capitalization growth;
- Improving the company's reputation, turning it into a well-known brand;
- Shares become a liquid instrument;
- Increased transparency of financial data. In order to expand business opportunities, including in the international market, the company will need to show book profit.

Those who were able to purchase the company's shares when it went public, even with minimal allocation, multiply their capital several times. But we will tell you about this a little later.

Thus, by becoming a part of the Token Profit Team, you are laying the foundation for a better future. The future with Antares!