March 10, 2020
Withdrawal of AND is available
Dear partners, we are glad to inform you that on March 10, from 19:00 on the server time, it will be possible to withdraw AND accrued to you from the bonus wallet of the Antares platform to the partner exchanger

Withdrawal conditions:

1) There is no commission for withdrawal from the Antares platform.

2) Each user has the opportunity to perform 10 operations to withdraw AND to the partner exchange service within a calendar month. The limit for one transaction is currently from 10 to 1,000 AND.

3) The partner exchange service charges a commission for deposits and withdrawals, which is included in the cost of exchanging AND into other currencies presented there. Providing exchange services and receiving commissions for this is the business of

4) By the agreement of the parties between the Antares platform and the exchange buying and selling the internal currency of the Antares (AND) platform takes from 15 minutes to 24 hours. The commission for the purchase and sale of AND included in the exchange rate must not exceed 5% for the purchase of AND and 5% for the sale of AND and may vary from 0 to 5%.

5) The formation of the exchange rate for exchange on AND is based on the following formula: the average exchange rate on the date and time of the exchange operation + the commission of (from 0 to 5%, at the discretion of the exchange service administration). The exchange rate of currencies available for exchange AND may vary depending on the average market value of the currency and the exchange fee charged.

6) The limit for buying AND for users of the Antares platform is from 10 to 1,000 AND per transaction. The limit for selling AND for users of the Antares platform is from 10 to 10,000 AND per transaction.