Withdrawals from Alcor and Antares 2.0
May 27 2022

Withdrawals from Alcor and Antares 2.0

Dear partners, we know that many of you could not withdraw funds in full over the past month. This delay was due to the regulator reviewing the entire financial infrastructure of our platforms. Thus, we want to share some important updates:

1️. The final stage of the review of Alcor and Antares 2.0's payment gateways by the regulator was successful: they fully comply with the requirements

2️. Withdrawal of funds from the platforms will be available shortly, namely from July 1, 2022

3️. The management of the platforms decided to increase the withdrawal limit by 2 times due to the missed last month, when the fund withdrawal was unavailable

We do our best to ensure that your work on alcor.trade and antares.trade brings not only income but also satisfaction. Very soon—on 01.07.2022—you will be able to enjoy new opportunities: don't miss it!