The Token Profit Team program

Marketing strategy to promote tokenized option program for Alcor IPO

About the token

Alcor Token (ALT) is a tokenized option on Alcor Trade stock and your unique chance to make thousands of percent profit from the daily growth of its rate. Thanks to ALT platform partners can become owners of its shares before their listing on the stock exchange in 2023.

Alcor Token - Always more expensive tomorrow than today!

Alcor Token growth chart

Token price today:
1 ALT = 12.25 ALD

Terms and benefits of the program

The duration of the growth rate of ALT token:
20.12.2021 — 17.07.2023
ALT trades on a P2P exchange:
Daily, unlimited
Total token emission
1 000 000 ALT
The cost of 1 ALT while the program is running:
from 1$ up to 2 000$
Expected initial cost of 1 share after the IPO
from 10$
Guaranteed exchange of ALTs for the company's shares after the IPO:
1 ALT = 200 shares
Expected initial cost of 1 share after the IPO
Daily, 1–5% rise in price compared to the previous rate
The cost of 1 ALT after the IPO:
from 2 000$
High yield
Token growth is 1-5% per day
Buy and sell tokens on a centralized exchange at any time
Additional profit
Rewards for selling ALT licenses in an affiliate structure up to 7 lines deep
The cost of the token is predetermined. High demand and a guaranteed repurchase
The company will complete an IPO on September 3, 2023 and exchange user tokens at a rate: 1 ALT = 200 shares of Alcor, and the price of 1 share will be from 10$

About Alcor Trade

Alcor Trade is a fast-growing international platform with huge potential. Its founder is international financial expert Alex Richter. Over 20 years of work, he has advised many companies on strategic business development, as well as IPOs.
Alex Richter
Founder of Alcor
Alex Richter
Given today's market realities and Alcor's enormous potential, the platform could be valued at several billion dollars during the IPO process. And in the future, this figure could exceed a trillion. To prove my point, here's Alcor's analysis of the IPO's high-scoring criteria:
The company is already operating all over the world thanks to the Internet and clients in 150 countries.
In demand
The platform brings together potential investors and financial companies, which is a trillion-dollar market.
Big reach
Thanks to the affiliate program, the platform's audience is growing exponentially and could exceed 50,000,000 people by 2025.
The company is based on modern technologies: blockchain, cryptocurrency and its own financial infrastructure.
This is the first global online service that brings together everything for getting and providing investment services around the world.
As you can see, we meet all of the above factors that guarantee our success at the IPO. This means that Alcor stock options can bring investors thousands of percent returns. So how do you become an Alcor investor and buy shares at a bargain price?


Alcor is developing not only as an MLM distribution platform, promoting various companies to the market, but also as a financial ecosystem, which will include:
Coin Capitalization
Service for monitoring cryptocurrency rates
Alcor Exchange
Full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange
Alcor Broker
Our own brokerage platform